“Get a piece of Iraq”?

Sometimes you just have to ignore people. Even when (okay, maybe especially when) they’re columnists for the New York Times. Talk about grasping for a subject to write about.

This guy thinks that the violence in Super Bowl commercials is due to the long campaign in Iraq. And that the “get a piece of the rock” bit in the Prudential commercial sounded too much like “Iraq” for it to have been a coincidence. Seriously. He said the evening’s commercials had a “martial tone”.

If I were to write something using that logic on my little blog web site I would be ridiculed. Deservedly ridiculed.

Via Malkin, who writes:

Step away from the computer, dude, and give. It. A. Rest.

Meanwhile, here’s a Prudential ad with a “martial tone”:

It’s from 1909. They pull that today and they get Murdoc as a customer.

Pic from the amazing GreatWhiteFleet.info. Click image for closer look.


  1. Apparently slapstick humor is now synonymous with violence. So are we crediting World War II for the Three Stooges?