Friday Linkzookery – 09 Feb 2007

Amphibious Vehicle Leaks Cash
The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle program sort of, um, sucks. I hope they can get it back on track.

Hank Johnson’s Iraq Resolution
With commentary by Joe Katzman.

Test for Iraq liberation: Was Saddam really repressive?
What? Is this some sort of trick question?

Insulated By Criticism, Iran Is Killing Americans …And Everybody Knows It
I’m wondering why the administration is playing this down. Is something in the works?

Deploying the The Snake Eater in Khalidaya
Bill Roggio on biometric tracking in An Anbar.

Pre-War Payback
Dadmanly on the spinning and counter-spinning of the Pentagon IG report.

I want a body count
Jimbo: “That is the currency of war, I hate it but it’s reality.” I see where he’s coming from, but I’m afraid that it would do more harm than good in the long run.

PBS Liberals Interpret History
Armchair Generalist, who will never be mistaken for a pro-war Hawk, on an American Experience episode on biologial weapons.

Blow For Freedom For Parents and Children
Statewide freedom of school choice in Utah?

‘Doomsday’ vault design unveiled
The Svalbard International Seed Vault will be built into a mountainside on a remote island near the North Pole.

The Danger of Diameters?
Chair Force Engineer on manufacturing the Ares launchers.

U.S. military needs wikis, video sharing, defense expert says
Oh, and they need to shut down milbloggers.

Al Qaeda Renews Call to Attack Oil Supplies
Wouldn’t it just be easier to make a list of thing’s they aren’t attacking?

Carnival of Homeschooling – Celebrating New Life
This week at

Dad wasn’t dad after all, but still owes child support
A Florida Supreme Court case raises fundamental questions about the nature of fatherhood and legal responsibilities.