Saddam? Repressive?

I’ve been thinking about Free Frank Warner’s post title that I linked to yesterday in Linkzookery:

Test for Iraq liberation: Was Saddam really repressive?

And I wrote:

What? Is this some sort of trick question?

Upon reflection, however, I realize that I was thinking in terms of yes/no, when I should have been thinking in terms of degree.

As in: Was Saddam really repressive? Or was he really, really, repressive?

Now it makes much more sense to Murdoc.

Anyway, go check out Frank’s post. Particularly in light of all this flap over pre-war intelligence and the Washington Post trying to attribute Carl Levin quotes to the Pentagon’s Inspector General, I think a little perspective is required if we’re going to regame the decision to invade Iraq.

Regarding this subject, I once outlined a 9-point (I think) summary of why I thought the invasion was both justified and in the interest of the United States. When I finished, I was surprised at how effective it was as a summary of my position. Unfortunately, I didn’t post it here but instead left it in the comments area at the now-defunct Nonplussed blog. I had meant to copy it over to MO, but Ed at Nonplussed suffered some sort of comment problem and it was lost.

Now, two years later, or maybe even a bit more, posting it would simply look like after the fact blah blah blah on the part of a pro-Iraq blogger. But I don’t think I have really ever posted a simple and succinct summary of my entire position, so maybe I’ll try to recreate that comment.