Friday Linkzookery – 16 Jan 2007

The NATO Winter Offensive in Afghanistan
Yes, the winter can be “harsh”.

Don’t forget the Milbloggies
Nominate your favorite Milblogs in multiple categories. Including Military Supporter, which is waaay better than athletic supporter.

Inside the Pentagon’s Chem-Bio Budget
Buying Next Year’s Chem-Bio Gear
Researching Tomorrow’s Chem-Bio Defense
Three great posts by the Armchair Generalist over at Defense Tech.

Acute Myopia
Explaining how Iranian weapons in Iraq is all Bush’s fault.

How Not to Talk to Your Kids: The Inverse Power of Praise
I’ve always thought that praise and childrens’ self-esteem were important, but not to the point that many seem to believe. I also think that honesty is important, and so much of the fake praise showered on kids is, well, dishonest.

“Give me a half-tanker of iron, and I will give you an ice age.”
Blogger hope to use scientist’s theory to win $25 million anti-Global Warming prize.

Comcast Customer Uses “Unlimited Service” Excessively, Gets Disconnected For A Year
I don’t really know what this guy does with all that bandwidth, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about Comcast pulling the “you’ve exceeded your unlimited service” trick.

The Battle for Baghdad Begins
Well, it’s been going on for a long time. But we seem to have dropped the gloves.

Generate various printables, including common graph paper, hex paper, Smith Charts, and Sudoku. You can set various parameters for each. Very cool.

Julian Calendar
Chris at Conservative Thinking put together a nice and simple perpetual day-number calendar.


  1. How Not to Talk To Your Kids’ is fascinating and I think everyone should read it. I doubt it’s the be-all end-all of raising children but I’d say that’s some extremely important information for parents and teachers.