21:41 16 Jul 2003

What the Hades is going on at the NY Times? They just keep throwing more gasoline onto the bonfire.

In a July 6 story entitled “A ‘Libertated’ Orphanage Searches for it’s children“, Tyler Hicks writes about an orphanage that had been reported in April to be a children’s prison.

As the Americans advanced on Baghdad, they mistook the orphanage for a jail or prison and released all the children who were there…Many children who have not returned have resorted to life on the streets, begging for food or money, or perhaps turning to drugs or prostitution.

Those bastard Americans again. Except that the original report noted that

“There were parents running up, so happy to have their kids back.”

Maybe I’m missing something. Or confused. Isn’t an orphanage for kids without parents? If interested, check out this piece on Dust in the Light.

Either the NY Times is lying (and we all know that couldn’t be it) or several other reports are all wrong in the same way. Or maybe the orphanage and the prison are two different places. In which case, Hicks is simply mistaken and wrote out some words based on faulty intelligence. (If that’s the case, was he lying to the American public?) In any case, Hicks’ own story says the orphanage had been

home to 107 girls and boys whose parents were killed or imprisoned, or were unable to care for them.

Children who’s parents had been killed or imprisoned. For what, parking tickets? Maybe they had said or done something that those in power didn’t like. Just a thought. Thanks to Instapundit for the heads up.