Congratz to Pinch!

Her boyfriend’s back!
Couple to marry 22 years after groom left bride at altar

pinch_hitch.jpgBill Paisley (aka Pinch) has posted here on MO a few times, but now he’s getting coverage in the MSM. Not for being a former Tomcatter, but because he’s gone and married the woman he, um, well, the woman he jilted during wedding week back in 1984:

“When he came around the corner in the car and picked me up that day, and I got in the car, I knew. It’s amazing because I spent 22 years hating the guy, or telling myself I did. And when I saw him, I knew I didn’t, I didn’t at all. And it was the same thing for him.”

Paisley, now a commander in the navy who has just completed a stint at the Pentagon, said the same day as that walk in the park he began to wonder if life might be giving him a second chance. Two months later, while Zwicker visited him in Virginia, he proposed, saying this week that he found proposing to the same woman for the second time, two decades later, extremely nerve-racking.

“A lot of that was because it was Lesa giving me a second chance which, above anything else, is just the most amazing thing and what makes her so special in a lot of ways,” said Paisley. “I didn’t know when I asked her if she was going to say ‘Are you kidding me?’ or what the reaction was going to be. So it was much more nervous this time.”

Front page above the fold in the Halifax (Nova Scotia) Chronicle Herald. Also covered at Instapinch and Blackfive.

I had the opportunity to meet Pinch at last year’s MilBlogger Conference, and he’s a great guy. A very serious and heartfelt congratulations from Murdoc to the bride and groom!