21:27 16 Jul 2003

Far be it from to take issue with something in the media, but this MSNBC.com story that discusses the unsuccessful attack today on a C-130 with a surface-to-air missile says

Another spokesman said a similar incident occurred last week. “Actually it’s the second incident,” he told Reuters Television. “We had an incident last week where two missiles were fired at a similar aircraft, and in this instance as well no missiles hit the aircrafts.”
He gave no other details. That incident had not been reported earlier.

That other incident had indeed been reported earlier. In fact, when I read a headline about today’s attack, at first I thought it was referring to the earlier attack. I’m trying to find a link or two for the earlier report, but I’m out of luck. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t dream it, though. It was also a C-130 that was attacked. I’ll post a link if I come across one.

Update 22:26 16 Jul 2003

I occurred to me that maybe this MSNBC report is just plain behind the times and that the earlier attack I’m thinking of is, in fact, this one. That would mean that there may have been even earlier attacks that hadn’t been reported, as the story stated. But then why was this story on the MSNBC.com home page this afternoon under their “Breaking News” banner? We’ll see. Maybe.