Comments restored

key.jpgI have re-enabled comments, but registration via TypeKey is now required. This seems to be currently heading off the overload problem I was having earlier. I had tried this route during the height of the attack with no luck, but now it seems that a combination of authentication and the turning off of an anti-spam plugin has done the trick. Or maybe the spammers are just ignoring me for the moment and it just looks like it’s working. We’ll see.

I realize that many will have no interest in registering with TypeKey, but I truly hope that a lot of the regular commenters here will take the minute or so that it requires. Anonymity is still totally allowed. TypeKey simply verifies that you aren’t some random jerk submitting comments, but instead that your an approved jerk adding to the discussion.

It’s free and easy, has the advantage of being used on other sites (one registration will suffice for multiple sites), and will allow the many knowledgeable folks who read MO to contribute to the conversation.

Read more about TypeKey at SixApart. And please register.


  1. Quite an improvement, I say. This might even restrict commenters to the semi-dedicated. That can only be a good thing, in my opinion. I always prefer to chat with those who stick around.

  2. I hope that the regulars will bite the bullet and register. The comments section is normally awesome here, both for me and for the readers. I’ll have to tweak the display/form and such, as it doesn’t seem to behave the way I think it should.

  3. Comrades, Yeah, I was wondering what was up with the comments. Hoping it wasn’t something I said…. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been registered at typekey for awhile. Don’t mind it at all. Respects,

  4. Why don’t you just make it so you have to type in a code that appears after the comment window? It’s much less obtrusive than having to log in. Typekey makes you log in for each comment you want to post if you use the RSS feeder. It’s a pain 🙁

  5. Goob: The code thingy I was using stopped ALL spam (well, 99.997%) but as it had to process all incoming comments (to filter out bad ones) it was overtaxing my system. I was bringing in 350+ comments an hour 24 hours per day for three weeks straight. I was running into limits at my host. I’m not sure why re-signing in is required so much. I’m looking into it and will fix if possible.