Murdoc is not a crook!

The nomination process is underway for the 2006 Milbloggies, the Grammys of milblogging. Be sure to head on over to and nominate your favorites in each category.

Please forgive me for humbly pointing out the “Military Supporter” category and the fact that I’m in the running for the finals. If you feel Murdoc Online is deserving of a place in the finals, a nomination would be much appreciated. In this contest, the number of nominations DO matter, as only the nominees with the five most number of nominations make the cut. Nominations close on Wednesday.

You have to be registered with Milblogging to nominate a blog, but the process is fairly short and painless. Besides, Milblogging is a great place to keep an eye on the milblogosphere.

The winners will be announced at the 2007 MilBlog Conference in Arlington, VA.