According to MSNBC:

On Tuesday, France ruled out sending troops, following India and Germany in rejecting U.S. calls for help without approval from the United Nations.

We probably would have been responsible for protecting the French. The next paragraph notes

The Bush administration has scored some success in recruiting other countries to help patrol Iraq. Poland will contribute 2,300 soldiers to a brigade that will also include units from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Lithuania. A second brigade will have 1,640 Ukrainians and the third 1,100 Spanish troops as well as units from Honduras, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Since 9/11/01 I’ve been saying that we’re finally going to learn who is really on our side.

You’ll notice that most of the countries that aren’t sending troops have long been protected by the US military while most of the countries that are sending troops have only regained their freedom in the recent years. And in all the cases the pricipal antagonist was the Soviet Union. Maybe Poland and Romania understand something that France and Germany don’t?