The Plan

Bill Roggio, with help from some guys with FAR too much time on their hands, has a handy map and outline of the order of battle in Baghdad. You really should go look.

The security plan in Baghdad has yielded some initial results in reducing the incidences of sectarian violence. The number of death-squad related murders have significantly been reduced over the past five days, by upwards of 80 percent. The city also saw a reduction in the large scale bombings up until yesterday’s mass-casualty car bombings in markets in Sadr City and New Baghdad, which claimed 62 lives and wounded over 130. One of the actions being implemented to reduce the effectiveness of car bombs is the conversion of Baghdad market areas into pedestrian only zones. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

A-b-o-u-t freaking time. Were we hoping they’d run out of automobiles and give up, or what?

Meanwhile, I updated my post on the 11-point plan with commentary about points 4-11, so check it out if interested.


  1. Too much time on my hands? 30-90 min a day to maintain the master OOB for ISF thruout Iraq. Stole the basic map of Baghdad from Pentagon J3 Brief (districts are different than the ones from last Nov Baghdad Briefs). They re-zoned. Once you have the basic, updating takes little time. Reading all of the reports is the hard part and I speed-read… As to Chris and Bill, they just don’t sleep.