A few minutes with the mayor of Ramadi

Ramadi’s Mayor Praises Marines, Blasts Iraqi Government

Via Defense Tech:

ON Point: Do you get the necessary support from Baghdad?

Latif: No. They say that they are too busy to help. In the new budget these is supposed to be money for Anbar Province and Ramadi, but we get much less than we are promised.

ON Point: Why are they doing this to you??

Latif: I have my suspicions, but they deny it. But the future of Baghdad is in Anbar and Ramadi, if they would only see it.

Doesn’t really sound like a “massive assault” is about to be launched “shortly”, does it? (See Point #6.) We’ll see.


  1. And they will not ‘fire’ the sheiks either. They will ‘promote’ them to politician and put someone competant in command of the eight ESU Bns. You do not insult the tribes by insulting their leader… As to massive attack? Ramadi has had one US Bde and two IA Bdes augmented by 9th IA Mech T72s/BMP1s working it over systematicaly since Jun. A Division’s worth of troops for little ole Ramadi…