According to Fort Stewart spokesman Richard Olson, the troops of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division who were to come home next month have been ordered to remain in Iraq due to the continuing problems with irregular Iraqi attacks. The 3rd Brigade is already in the process of returning.

“Now, that timeframe has basically gone away, and there is no timeframe,” Olson said.

This is a bad thing. I think the biggest reason our military is so damn good begins with the fact that we field an all-volunteer force. We not only need these guys in top shape at all times, but we need most of them to re-enlist when their term is up. This isn’t going to encourage the undecided to re-up. Just like the long active-duty service many National Guard and Reserve troops are performing won’t get many “weekend warriors” to apply. I realize that we need the troops in Iraq, but there has to be a better way. This is no way to reward the guys that stormed Iraq.