Friday Linkzookery – 02 Mar 2007

A couple of these are a bit older. They belonged on last week’s but something went wrong.

UPDATE: Something went wrong this week, too. Many of the links have been lost again.

The flipping ship
Ever since I saw a pic of this thing in National Geographic a long time ago I’ve wanted one.

Gathering of Eagles
To stand silent guard over our nation’s memorials, in honor of our fallen, and in solidarity with our armed forces in harm’s way today.” More at Euphoric Reality.

‘Terrorist’ Remark Puts Outdoorsman’s Career in Jeopardy
“In Jeopardy”? I think it ended the career of Jim Zumbo. A very fair and balanced (cough, cough) story in the WaPo.

Infidel Tab
Pics at the Danger Room.

Downrange from Russian launch complexes
A few weeks ago I noted that Russians just have to live with the fact that Russian boosters sometimes fall from the sky on them? Here’s how they do it.

Modern Anachronisms: The Churchkey
I didn’t know they were called “churchkeys” until long after I stopped using them regularly. We simply called them “can openers”. There’s also an opposing viewpoint in the comments about what, exactly, a “churchkey” is.

Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?
Why weren’t TIE fighters scrambled until it was too late?

The Case For HAL’s Sanity
“Just a moment…Just a moment. I’ve just picked up a fault in the AE-35 unit…”