You know what makes Murdoc mad?

Something that just occurred to me, though I think it’s crossed my mind before, is that most political debates leave me staunchly defending George W. Bush almost every single time. Not usually because I’m what would considered to be a “staunch defender”, but because the opposition is so outrageously…errr…outrageous.

There are so many legitimate things to criticize the man and the administration over, but now it’s the poor Army not being allowed to train that is being laid at his feet.

We deserve better Democrats. Well, we deserve better Republicans too, but I don’t think they’re going to change much if the Democrats don’t. The Democrats won in November, but I guess I haven’t seen much of change in their attitude since they took over. Still pretty much a bunch of whiny-donkeys.

Bush, meanwhile, is free from having to try to make sure that the GOP wins the next election. Any tied hands in anticipation of 2006 are obviously unbound. And with the Republicans working overtime to distance themselves from him for 2008, he might have the openings he’s been looking for.

I’m not a big fan of most of his policies and results. But he’s addressed the biggest external issue (the 4th World War) and the biggest internal issue (tax cuts) that I care about. If he’d do something about the borders, I’d maybe even change my mind about “most of his policies”. But it ain’t lookin’ like it’s gonna’ happen, and I expect that I’m going to continue defending him not because I’m a believer but because I think the opposition is a pack of lunatics.

I mean, can’t Congress pass a non-binding resolution condemning the lack of desert training, or something?

UPDATE: I guess I wasn’t real clear about what it was that “makes Murdoc mad”. It probably looks, from this post, like stupid Democrats make Murdoc mad. They do, of course, but that’s not what I was getting at. What makes Murdoc even madder than stupid Democrats is the fact that Murdoc constantly ends up defending Bush tooth and nail when Murdoc’s not even a major Bush supporter. Defending Bush tooth and nail certainly makes Murdoc look like a Bush supporter, but it’s the sheer stupidity of so many of his critics that gets the teeth and nails out in the first place.

I know that I look like a Kool-Aid Drinking Republican Yes-Blogger a lot of the time. I don’t think I am, but a lot of times what I say sure sounds like one. And that makes me mad.

UPDATE 2: In all fairness, I also suspect that folks who “support the troops but not the war” could find themselves in similar situations of defending things they don’t necessarily support. I do honestly believe that many of these folks don’t really support the troops at all, but I can see how some who do would find it difficult to not end up standing with the anti-military moonbat crowd.

I want to make clear, though, that this sort of thing is no excuse for not supporting the troops.


  1. As do I. I’m socially liberal, but when it comes to guns, the military, etc. very much right leaning. There isn’t really a party for me except maybe Libertarians. I just can’t see where Gore or Kerry could have done half as good as Bush.