Saturday Linkzookery – 03 Mar 2007

As a major chunk of Linkzookery was lost (again) yesterday, I’m reposting some of the material that vanished. Plus a few newbies. Just because I can.

Cutter Conundrum’ and Coastie Window Shopping
Coast Guarder Brickmuppet has a great post on the current and future status of the CG patrol boat fleet. It’s a “must look” for sure.

Warship Woes
And Mike of New Wars comments on the Navy.

MiLinks – February 28, 2007
Speaking of New Wars, don’t miss the latest MilLinks round-up.

Pakistan security forces say they arrested senior member of Islamist militia
The reader who sends this writes “Armchair quarterbacking tells me that this means they perhaps knew where he was the whole time, and needed to “make a move” to prove they were serious about this terrorism stuff since we’ve been making so much noise over the last week.” Seems very plausible, maybe even likely, to Murdoc. So let’s make some more noise. Pakistan is basically al-Qaeda’s “An Anbar Province.” Or their “Cambodia.”

Darpa’s Ultrasonic Cloaking Device
It’s dubbed “Kick Stand”, sponsored by the wild and crazy folks at Darpa.

Families United for our Troops and Their Mission
An organization that “supports the troops” by actually supporting them, not by undermining them or portraying them as poor helpless victims caught in the middle of some evil government plot.

Warrior ERMP: An Enhanced Predator for the Army
The Warrior is intended to have the longest range of any UAV system in the U.S. Army, and its diesel-powered engine will eliminate the logistical need for special fuels on the battlefield. The air vehicle will be capable of loitering over enemy territories for 36 hours at altitudes up to 25,000 feet

REQUEST: Ode to the Big Bird
I’m looking for information on this book, a memoir of a B17 pilot who converted to P51 Mustangs and was killed flying one in about 1944. Email me or leave a comment if you have any info.

Grumman 698 V/STOL Project
Proposed in the 70s as an Army electronic warfare platform and as a component of the proposed Navy Sea Control Ship program. The reader who sent this included a
The concept was proved by NASA but funding got cut…instead we got the Osprey” comment. Ouch.

Another REQUEST: Early USS Texas superstructure
A reader is building a 1/96 scale model of the Texas (BB 35) in her as-built condition (era 1914) and is lacking details of the early cage masts and the sparse (canvas-covered) bridge/wings. Email me or leave a comment if you can help.

Hull classification symbol
Do you know what ‘BB’ in “BB 35” in the item above means? How about ‘BM’? ‘CSGN’? Check ’em out, old and new, at Wikipedia.

Reliable Replacement Warhead Design Decision Announced
Moving ahead with the plan to simplify the US nuclear arsenal with warheads that are more reliable, easy to maintain, and safe than current designs.

The ‘War Tapes’ – Special Preview Edition DVD
Don’t forget that if you order using this link (or the one in the right sidebar on the main page) 20% of your purchase price will be donated to Sew Much Comfort. See Murdoc’s review of this excellent documentary.


  1. I always thought Bernie Lay, Jr, wrote ‘Ode to the Big Bird’ He however survived the war and wrote ’12 O’clock High’ (book, movie and 1 episode of the TV series) and ‘Strategic Air Command’ However, I can’t find any refernce to it now. **James