Friday Linkzookery – 09 Mar 2007

Warship Woes Part 2
More on the state of the fleets by New Wars blogger Mike Burleson.

BB(X) Advanced Battleship
They’ll get started on this right away.

New Tech to Tap North America’s Vast Oil Reserves
Murdoc remains an oil sands/shale fan.

Surge slows Stryker brigade development
Higher priorities, but the delay will cost about three months.

Serbian vampire hunters prevent Milosevic come-back
Normally, Murdoc would dismiss this as stupid. But in Milosivic’s case I don’t know if you can be too careful.

“Don’t Tread On Me” gear by Gadsden and Clupeper
Haven’t mentioned these guys in a while. Good stuff. Murdoc particularly like the vehicle magnet.

Boeing Commercial 767 Ready for Modification into Fourth Italian KC-767 Tanker
The first is currently in the aerial refueling flight test phase. It recently completed its first contact with a B-52 and extended and retracted the refueling hose from the centerline Hose Drum Unit for the first time.

All assault weapons all the time
As only SayUncle can.

20 must-have Firefox extensions
Murdoc already uses a few of these. And I’ll be checking out a couple more.

Let’s Tone It Down, People
Iowahawk has Ann Coulter and Bill Maher on to discuss the lack of civility in today’s political discussion. Many, many mean and hurtful things are said.

Evil Plan Z is Way Ahead of You, Baby
I guess the Post thinks that people just sit around in that big building in Arlington and plan for nothing. Maybe they sit around and have Stratego, Minesweeper, and Battleship contests.

USAF Gets 20mm Hot Shot
The PGU-28A/B: “Too close for missiles…I’m switching to guns.”

Baghdad fisherman bagging more fish and fewer bodies
They credit improved security.

Georgia to more than double Iraq force
That would be the nation of Georgia, not the state.

UPDATE: This is the third week in a row that problems at my host have caused me to lose a bunch of Linkzookery entries. It must be a Friday thing. My apologies, and wait for Media Temple to get their stuff straightened out before signing on with them.


  1. Hi. Long time reader of this great site, first time commenting. The author of the BBX is actually a young lady, and a fine and enthusiastic one at that. This isn’t the first appearence of that vessel, and it had appeared elsewhere. It did lead to some interesting debate both there and on the Warships Projects Board, with some fairly long replies and argument; at one stage I spent 4 hours answering all the points of one of her posts. Suffice it to say I do not agree with the design as a practical weapon of war for this real world (nor with the necessity for 21C BBs at all) but it is one part of an interesting process and conversation. Some of her speculative AH designs are actually developing quite nicely. Cheers Simon