Nour al-Khal still waiting to get to the US

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The translator for Steven Vincent, the journalist who wrote In The Red Zone and was murdered in Iraq in 2005, is still trying to get out of Iraq. She was severely wounded in the same attack that took the life of a very important voice from Iraq.

Vincent’s wife, Lisa Ramaci-Vincent, has been working for some time to cut through the barriers keeping Nour from leaving the country where she’s a target.

Murdoc still recommends that everyone who wants to better understand what’s going on in Iraq take the time to read In the Red Zone.


  1. Thanks for your support. Several readers have checked out the link. I have followed the story from the start and it still frustrates me when I think of the tawdry treatment aimed at both Steven Vincent’s widow and the translator/guide he left behind. It has been and contunues to be an ordeal for them both. In many ways their story is emblematic of the larger picture of the US disengagement from Iraq. Any Iraqi nationals who have been cooperative and supportive of the US mission, even unofficially, have reason to fear for their safety no matter how well-mananged any successive civil authority may seem to be. There is, of course, the ‘floodgate problem,’ i.e., if a few are allowed to come to the US for safety, then how many more might be in the same situation? Compared to the floodgates of Hell opened upon Mesopotamia as the result of the war, our own problems seem incidental.

  2. Heck. The U.S. took in General Nguyen Cao Ky, South Vietnamese Premier and vice-President, after the Vietnam conflict NO PROBLEM. Ky fled to the United States, and settled in California where he ran a grocery store. I guess it boils down to who you know.