Photos of the battleship Mikasa

A short walk from Yukosuka Naval Base

The IJN Mikasa is the last surviving pre-dreadnought battleship anywhere. It served as Admiral Togo’s flagship at Tsushima in 1905 when the Russian fleet was annihilated.

Mikasa displaced 15,000 tons and was armed with four 12″ guns in two double turrets, 14 6″ guns, 20 3″ guns, and four underwater torpedo tubes.

According to Wikipedia:

Ironically, after the peace treaty with Russia was signed on 11 September 1905, Mikasa suffered a fire while in harbour in south Japan, at Sasebo. A magazine exploded and she sank in 11 meters of water. The explosion killed 339 crewmen, which was three times the number killed at Tsushima. Extensive efforts were made to refloat and salvage the ship, and after repeated attempts, it was refloated on 8 August 1906.

After two years of repairs, the Mikasa was recommissioned and restored to active service; however she soon became obsolete following the development of newer types of vessels, especially the Dreadnoughts, and was derated to a 2nd class battleship, then to a 3rd class battleship, and on 1 September 1921, to that of a 1st class coast defense vessel.

Finally, in 2007, she was derated again, this time to DD(X). This move was very controversial because the Mikasa’s 107 year old armor protection is too effective for it to meet DD(X) design standards.

Um, that was joke. Sort of.

Anyway, check out the photos taken by a tourist of the museum ship.


  1. Not a ‘floating museum.’ Its lower hull is completely enclosed by earth. Been there. Two years homeported in Yokosuka.