‘You may all go to hell. And I will go to Texas.’

The siege of the Alamo ended on this day in 1836.


The quote I used as the title of this post is, of course, what Davy Crockett told the voters in his Tennessee Congressional district after he was defeated in 1835.

To Texas he went. And he didn’t come back.


  1. Actual conversation when I was in Florida for a project: Them: ‘Jorma, that’s a unusual name, where are you from?’ Me: ‘Texas’ Them: ‘You do know Texas is not a country right?’ Me: ‘You’re not from there are you?’ Bram, you are welcome here anytime, sir.

  2. Let’s see..he left beautiful Tennessee and chose to come to this God forsaken place. Sure, Texas is alright and I’m sure that it is better than Hell…but, that is a choice I wouldn’t want to make. I think I’ll have a bumper sticker printed that says, ‘I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could…I now realize that that was a mistake, please return me to my beautiful New Mexico, ASAP’. I don’t hate Texas, really, but even though I’ve lived here for a substantial amount of time…I WILL NEVER BE A TEXAN.