Millbloggie Winners

Well, Murdoc’s just about over his bitterness at finishing fourth (again…what is fourth place my lucky number?), so here are the 2006 Milbloggie winners:

U.S. Army: Acute Politics
U.S. Air Force: Afghanistan Without a Clue
U.S. Navy: Doc in the Box
U.S. Marine Corps: SandGram
U.S. Military (Veteran): Blackfive – The Paratrooper of Love
U.S. Civilian: Soldiers’ Angels Germany
U.S. Military (Spouse): Andi
U.S. Military (Parent): Some Soldier’s Mom
U.S. Military (Supporter): Fuzzilicious Thinking

Congratulations to all! Those that can make it to the MilBlogger Conference will get their awards at the show. Very cool!

Plus, major kudos to for putting on the awards and a heartfelt thanks to those who nominated ol’ Murdoc and voted for him.