The ‘rush to war’ once again


This, of course, doesn’t make Bush “right” about anything. But it certainly helps point out how he wasn’t the only one “wrong” (about some things), and that the others who were just as “wrong” (about some things) are the ones today pretending to have been “right” all along and/or that the Republicans deserve to be ousted simply because they were “wrong” (about some things).

The fact that most Americans certianly seem to have a short attention span is EXACTLY why things like this need to be shown over and over even if it’s old news. (via Pat Dollard)


  1. No, no, no, no. I’ve heard what Pelosi and other democrats have said in the last few months. This *HAS* to be a ‘photoshopped’ video. If this were true, that would make a whole lot of elected officials a whole lot of hypocrits (at best) and a whole lot of liars (at worst).