Friday Linkzookery – 16 Mar 2007

Dreadnought Cruisers
A site which spends a lot of time discussing hypothetical battleship-era designs created using the SpringSharp software.

Build the Bismarck
A British magazine partworks subscription series with history along with directions to construct your own 1:200 model of the famous battleship. The first issue costs only 50p, but issues 3 and up cost £4.99. The total project will run you £692 as there are 140 issues.

Iceboat vs. 1930s Chevy on Lake St. Claire
Video at MichiBlogger.

9/11 “Confession”: How Real?
Link rich at the Danger Room.

Fantasy Congress
You’ve got to be kidding me.

No DD(X) jokes about the Bismark model thing, either.

Baby’s First Afterburner
Another first for the first F-35 Lightning II.


  1. Fantasy Congress??? I don’t know what scared me more – the fact that there are fantasy congress leagues or the fact that there are real humans who play…. I can just picture the scene around the water cooler… Hey Joe, how about I trade you Chris Dodd for a Kennedy and a Clinton. Shudder

  2. The jury is still out on the actual price of the Lightning II, given that a production build has yet to be finalized. So any numbers you see about production costs are basically crap. What can be said, at this stage no matter what happens, the Lightning II, will be less capable then the the aircraft it purports to replace. For the money we have all ready spent on the F-35, we could remanufactured the F-15/F-16 base, with new engines, upgraded avionics, radars, and stealth enhancements. Ironically the two versions of the F-35 that actually fill a critical need are the two versions that are the farthest from meeting the program goals. (The VSTOL and Navy version)