Can America Elect a Mormon President?

The answer, of course, is a resounding YES. Look at recent history and you’ll see that most of our presidents, like most of our voters, have been morons.

The question came in an advertisement for the new book A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney. Murdoc doesn’t even know what the point of this question is. So he’s a moron. Who’d know the difference?

UPDATE: Ohhhhh…”mormon.”

Still, who’d know the difference?


  1. When it comes to ‘what makes me vote for Candidate X’ his religion far, far down the list. Like, dead last. The only thing I can say about Mormonism is their belief system is a little whacked compared to what I grew up in, but they make ok neighbors and good people to work with. Too .. I gotta think that people who made Utah livable will make swell Martians and Lunarians.

  2. bdunbar: Mormonism is also different from how I was raised and what I believe today. But, unless he intends to take those religious differences and act upon them, basing US policy on them, I don’t have a problem. Religion of Candidate X is about ‘dead last’ for me as well. NOTE: I’m not really a Romney fan. I’m even a bit ashamed to be mentioning presidential campaign crap at this early date. But there are a lot of important issues to discuss. This ain’t one of them.

  3. ‘Can America Elect a Mormon President?’ HEH, HEH. I remember the same question was posed back in 1959. Except the key word was Catholic. PS: I didn’t like JFK but this Protestant didn’t let the religious stigma bother me.

  4. Only when we can elect a black, hispanic, lesbian, jewish, handi-abled single mother president will all the diversity nazis stop hectoring us. Wait, then they’ll just say we’re still bigots ’cause we didn’t elect a black, hispanic, inuit, lesbian, transexual, muslim, handi-abled, single mom and deaf mute to be our president.