New rails for the poodle shooter

Finally got some forearm rails for Murdoc’s DPMS Panther AP4 anti-poodle device:

I decided against free-float because A) it’s more expensive and B) Murdoc’s not a sharp enough shooter to notice the difference. (The ever-present zombie threat has been brought up, but in my experience against the undead I’ve found that quantity of firepower trumps pinpoint accuracy.)

So, having decided against that route, I wanted something that didn’t require the removal of the delta ring and that featured full-width cut-outs, not the knobs that a lot of less-expensive systems offer. I wasn’t so concerned with internal heat shields (though I may live, for a while, to regret that decision if the zombies rise up) but gave extra points for T-marks for purely aesthetic reasons.

So, I went with the MCTAR-17 2 Piece Forearm by Midwest Industries:

I had checked out the Midwest stuff at the SHOT Show, and it’s the simple, solid, functional sort of stuff that Murdoc digs. I also threw in a vertical grip because I’ve never fired with one before and it looks so cool in the movies.

This isn’t the end for the poodles, of course. It isn’t even the beginning of the end for the poodles. But it is the end of the beginning.

UPDATE: Ahem. Sorry for the giddy “new stuff” post. Serious quasi-journalistic blogging with a purpose will resume shortly.

Or maybe I’ll write about the likely candidates in the 2008 presidential race instead.