USS San Juan — Lost and Found

WOW! Double WOW, even. SSN 751 USS San Juan, the first of the 688I (Improved) Los Angeles-class attack submarines, was thought to be in trouble for some time last night. See Op-For for more details. We haven’t lost a sub since the Scorpion (SSN 589) in 1968.

Here’s the San Juan:

A starboard bow view of the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS SAN JUAN (SSN-751) tied up to the pier. In the background is moored the destroyer USS COMTE DE GRASSE (DD-974) and the guided missile destroyer USS SCOTT (DDG-995). Location: PORT EVERGLADES, FLORIDA (FL) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) Camera Operator: OS2 JOHN BOUVIA Date Shot: 8 Oct 1994

Pic from DVIC.