Survey Says

I just answered a telephone survey. From the sounds of the guy on the other end, I wonder if my answers weren’t what he was hoping for.

I said, among other things:

  • The War on Terror was the most important issue facing the United States
  • The War on Terror was the national issue I was most concerned about
  • George Bush got a “somewhat favorable” rating from me
  • Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm got a “somewhat unfavorable” rating from me
  • I rated myself as a “moderate Republican” and a “strong Conservative”
  • Michigan’s overall economic outlook was “slightly better” than it was a year ago
  • The reason Michigan’s economic outlook is slightly better is due to national economic growth providing more opportunities for Michigan businesses
  • The best ways to improve the education opportunities in Michigan were to increase school choice and to continue to provide the freedom to homeschool children.
  • The reason that these were the best ways was that it would allow parents to have their children educated how they wanted them to be educated
  • I said I thought class sizes were probably too large and that teachers were probably doing a pretty good overall job in Michigan

Murdoc in a nutshell, folks.


  1. ‘Murdoc in a nutshell, folks.’ From your comments in this thread it sounds as if you and I are joined at the ‘ideological hip’. HOWEVER, I strongly disagree with your choice of Irish beer. (Killians?…UGH!)

  2. Murdoc’s beer(ish) rankings: 1. Cadillac Mountain Stout (by Bar Harbor Brewing Co.) 2. Guinness 3. Killian’s 4. Amber Bock 5. Sam Adams Beyond that I don’t normally drink much beer other than to try various stouts here and there. Nothing lighter than any of the above, either. Budweiser and such make me cringe. Dry red wine is Murdoc’s medicine of choice most often, particularly with meals. Unfortunately, the survey didn’t include questions about beer.