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Now that the worst of the host move is behind, I am also finishing off a few new improvements on the site. Expect a few changes in the look over the next couple of weeks. After that I hope to launch a few new features, schedule permitting.

feedburnerlogo.jpgThe first change is the RSS feed for MO. If you don’t know or care about RSS feeds, this won’t affect you. If you do, be aware that I’ve switched all the Murdoc Online feeds over to a Feedburner feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/murdoc. This feed address is a bit different than the preliminary one I’ve actually had posted for a couple of weeks. Go ahead and update your readers if you need to. This is the final location.

All previous feeds (RSS, XML, Atom, etc.) are now gone. I’ve forwarded calls for those feeds to the new main feed, which uses Feedburner’s SmartFeed option to automatically send the feed in the format used by the requesting app. So all existing subscriptions should continue to work, though I’d suggest switching over to the new link at your convenience.

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Additionally, I’m using Feedburner’s Email service to offer basic daily email updates of Murdoc Online. This is still in the early stages, and a weekly premium email newsletter will be coming soon, but if you’d like to get Murdoc in your inbox subscribe for free.

Thanks for hanging in there during all the technical difficulties MO’s been having of late. A number of factors have really derailed a few plans I’ve been hoping to put into motion, but it looks like things might be back on track soon.

As usual, don’t hesitate to send me your comments or suggestions.

UPDATE: Oops. I totally forgot to mention the Email This link at the bottom of each post. Clicking that allows you to send on the link to someone using Feedburner.

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