12:27 10 Jul 2003

But why didn’t I see anything on the news or in the papers? Oh, yeah.

July 9th was the 4th anniversary of a major crackdown on demonstators in Iran. Some call it the Iranian Tiananmen Square, although I think *only* one person was killed in 1999. In places besides the major media, people wondered if there would large waves of protests against the mullahs. The government banned public demonstrations on the 9th, and huge miltary and police forces were staged to enforce the ban. Shortly after making an announcement calling off a large sit-in at the UN building in Tehran, three student leaders were kidnapped by “Islamic vigilantes.” Yeah, right. Vigilantes. Why no coverage?

Here are some links (thanks Command Post, Instapundit, and others) to coverage of the demonstrations that did occur.
Vigilantes, Police, Youths Fight
Jeff Jarvis’ BUZZMACHINE coverage
Pro-Iran Demonstration in NYC

What if there were a massive anti-US protest in Baghdad? And our military moved in and shut them down? Then some of the protest organizers “disappeared”? Do you think that might make the news? Just wondering.

And then there’s this from Cox & Forkum


  1. Somebody posted a link to Peyk e Iran as a comment at ACE. It provides this report on the cause of the recent protests, which have/are being put down: In other reports there, I’ve read of a hardline Guardian Council which can overturn votes and even block people deemed unfit to run for office from even getting on the ballot. But, it appears blog reports of the beginning of a revolution were just wishful thinking. ACE