These apparently weren’t ‘we support the troops but not the war’ types

Anti-war protesters vandalize U.S. Rep. Rogers’ office

Mike Rogers, US Congressional Representative for Michigan’s 8th District, is unpopular with some folks:

Vandals splattered red paint on the front of lawmaker Mike Rogers’ Lansing office Monday night and plastered a sign in the front window claiming the Brighton Republican has “blood on his hands” for the war in Iraq, which marked the fourth anniversary this week.

A “Support Our Troops” sign was defaced with red paint as well as the front door of the building on Michigan Avenue being glued shut.

Classy folks with interesting and meaningful opinions about issues, I’m sure. Real proud Americans, and all. I wouldn’t dare question their patriotism, the bastards.

Probably just rowdy MSU fans.

Photo of the damage at the LSJ

What cowards.