Friday Linkzookery – 23 Mar 2007

The Tank
The NRO’s new military blog by W. Thomas Smith Jr. and company.

Two UK Sailors Killed, One Injured in Arctic Submarine Explosion
An oxygen generator aboard HMS Tireless exploded while the nuclear attack boat was under the Arctic ice cap. Official release on the incident here.

2007 e-Postal Handgun Match Schedule
It’s a new season and Mr. Completely has the goods.

Catherine Seipp, 49; critic took on Times
I found a lot of her stuff to be pretty good.

Bill Approved to Reduce Trash Coming Into Michigan
250 truckloads of trash per day into the Wolverine State from Canada. There are a lot of jokes about this that I just don’t have the time to make, and I wouldn’t dream of saying anything about the governor. Anyway, one of the co-sponsors is Mike ‘Blood on his Hands’ Rogers.

ABL has first in-flight firing
Don’t get all excited…it’s not the anti-missile laser but only a targeting laser. An important step, but they’ve got a long ways to go.

GPS, heat-sensing hardware helped in Boy Scout rescue
The 12-year-old boy was found in N.C. woods after three days

How to Salvage Army’s “Future”
David Axe on the future of FCS.

What is a “Wondernine”?
Wasn’t that Roy Hobbs’ baseball bat? [Ed. – No]

Medal of Honor Heroes Set the Standard, England Says
March 25 has been named National Medal of Honor Day.

Jury awards man $122K for bite from sister’s cat
This story says he was a Vietnam Vet.

Capt. Coulson in Ramadi: Progress

Islamic Courts Union Returns to Somalia

SpaceX Confirms Stage Bump On Demoflight 2
Stages 1 and 2 collided on the second flight of the company’s Falcon 1 small launch vehicle this week.

The Tank Builders Blues
The good old days it ain’t.

When Frogs Fly
Murdoc wonders if we’ll ever have a new tanker aircraft.

Air Force Budget Challenge
Speaking of the Air Force…