The Protester Pocket Universe

Anti-war protestors block Stryker Brigade deployment

That’s an interesting headline for the Party for Socialism and Liberation to choose, as I believe that the “block” affected approximately 0 Strykers and lasted for about 0 hours. The article includes:

Protests will continue each night until the ship is loaded or the Strykers are permanently stopped.

Again, this is a curious thing to write, considering that the ship left, loaded with the Stryker brigade’s vehicles and equipment, last Wednesday.

Maybe the Party for Socialism and Liberation is caught in some sort of horrible pocket universe with only a limited connection to the time line and events of this universe? Actually, I think that is the problem…

Anyway, this gave Murdoc a chuckle:

On Friday, March 9, one more anti-Styrker brigade protestor was arrested at the Port of Tacoma. Police claimed he had violated a ban on backpacks that had been imposed by the police. Organizer Tom McCarthy’s pack was loaded with food and first-aid supplies.

What? You mean the only reason he was arrested for violating the no-backpack rule was because he had a backpack? Where’s the outrage?


The article, published yesterday claims

Local capitalist media outlets have either ignored the protests, or portrayed the activists as anonymous buffoons and ruffians

but Murdoc thinks that the bufoonery on the group’s own web site is nothing to sneeze at, either.

What a funny bunch.

Also, for those that continue to go on about how these folks really do support the troops, just not the war, see A few fringe actors. But don’t question anyone’s patriotism.