Dissing the Motor City?

Congressman defends Iraq-Detroit analogy


DETROIT – A first-term congressman from Michigan who compared parts of
Iraq to Detroit and Harvey, Ill., an economically depressed Chicago suburb, defended the comments Thursday.

Rep. Tim Walberg said those were just two examples of communities where safety and city services are comparable to 80 percent to 85 percent of Iraq.

Walberg, a Republican, said on Detroit radio station WJR-AM that U.S. troops in Iraq tell him the military is succeeding.

“People are walking around communities (in Iraq) as safe as they are walking around — at the very least — in Detroit and Chicago and other places,” he said.

Detroit may not need a Stryker Brigade, but a mechanized division of bulldozers wouldn’t hurt.


  1. Well, now it make sense that it would be the University of Michigan that studies the effects of the Iraq war on our soldiers.