Iran should look a bit more closely at British history

Jay Tea on the Iranian kidnapping of 15 British sailors:

The only problem with this tactic is that while Tony Blair is no Winston Churchill, he’s even less of a Jimmy Carter. And while he’s a “lame duck,” he’s no chicken.


Why Iran would pick on the Brits, possibly ticking them off when the US is already ticked off, is a good question. Perhaps the Brits are getting a bit tougher on some of the Iranian influence-peddlers in the south of Iraq? Maybe they’ve been more than a bit helpful in the operations that have been nabbing Iranian intelligence operatives left and right?

We can only hope.

And is Murdoc the only one who thinks that the Iranians are really bumbling their way through the whole international conflict and intrigue game? They’re really coming off as second-rate amateurs. Who might get nuclear weapons in the very near future.

Compared to the Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs, Saddam and Kim Jong Il were/are positively savvy. I mean, seriously, Iran cannot even get the UN Security Council on their side. That bunch of clowns has backed almost every two-bit tyrant that’s come along in recent memory, yet they just voted unanimously for more sanctions against Iran. Sure, it’s meaningless, but the fact that Iran can’t woo them demonstrates just how pathetic they really are.


  1. And is Murdoc the only one who thinks that the Iranians are really bumbling their way through the whole international conflict and intrigue game? I think they’re doing pretty good. Consider that their ambition might not be to project power far away but to dominate the region, with other regional states either allied or neutral.

  2. While the situation is very different on a lot of levels, Korea played all of our administrations over the last nearly two decades, and has now pretty much got themselves exactly where they were hoping. Korea (the gov’t, not the people) won, the US and the world lost, plain and simple. I’d say that the ‘thumb your nose at the US and the UN’ strategy is a pretty proven way to go, and I have no doubt we’ll be facing a more potent Iran in a few more years, and some folks will have the gall to wonder how it happened.

  3. They are picking on the Brits for several reasons. 1. If they don’t get weapons into Iraq, their efforts there will fail. Sounds like it is getting difficult to smuggle weapons into Iraq across the land borders. If they can create a crisis that deters the coalition from patrolling the coast, that will keep the supply lines open. 2. The Iranians want their captured Intelligence Officers back. 3. The Brits have insufficient Naval power in the Gulf right now to do a damn thing. I heard 1 Frigate and two minesweepers. American crews doing the same tasks are probably far better protected by their ships. 4. The British Rules of Engagement basically say: ‘Surrender.’ Americans would have fought instead of giving up. 5. The U.S. has already had an Iranian hostage crisis. Even the Mullahs must know the idea of Iranians holding Americans hostage sends a message to a special place in our brains labeled ‘WAR.’ They were allowed to humiliate us because of Jimmy Carter’s gutlessness – they won’t try it with Bush.