Perhaps the oddest link to Murdoc ever

Medium ImageMO gets links from all sorts of sites in all sorts of places. But this link from BronteBlog is one of the strangest ever:

On the ever growing list of impossible and weird Wuthering Heights comparisons this one occupies a prominent position. It links Tolkien, Ben-Hur, Lawrence of Arabia and Wuthering Heights.

Of course, they are referring to the OT-for-Murdoc post on Tolkien’s upcoming The Children of Hurin.

That’s great that they stopped by and let’s hope some fans of the Bronte sisters will come back often for the latest on the Stryker and the 6.8 SPC round.

For what it’s worth, Wuthering Heights is some good stuff. Dark and dreary, a forbidden and doomed romance, and a general downer. What’s not to like?

Back in Murdoc’s days as a failed screenwriter, he wrote a Middle Ages drama based loosely on many of the themes and moods found in Wuthering Heights called The Viscount. Interested Hollywood producers should email me so I can tell you where to mail the check.