McCaffrey weighs in

McCaffrey Paints Gloomy Picture of Iraq

Former General McCaffrey on March 24th:

We could take, bluntly, a couple to 3,000 casualties.

And he was right, right? Because he said that on the 24th and that there’d be a “two to three day battle out there” and now it’s the 28th and we’re over 3,000 casualties? Very prescient.

However, the “couple to 3,000 casualties” quote is from March 24th, 2003, five days after Operation Iraqi Freedom began. It took four years instead of three days.

So he ain’t exactly the Oracle at Delphi.

Read the WaPo article for McCaffrey’s latest gloominess on Iraq.

As far as I can tell, he’s always been gloomy on Iraq.


  1. McCaffrey was always a pessimist – he needed Schwarzkopf to kick him in the ass to get the 24th Mech Infantry Division moving in Desert Storm.

  2. +++Posted for Jerry by Murdoc+++ I think you misunderstood what Gen. McCaffrey was saying. He said, over the long term, after the main thrust of fighting was over, we would take heavier casualties. I read his original statement, I’m pretty sure he actuall