Some recent Roggio

Baghdad High Value Targets Nabbed
Three mass murderers have been arrested in Baghdad over the past week

Another chlorine truck bomb found near Ramadi
The ninth attempted chlorine attack, 7 have been successful

The Sunni Civil War
Al Qaeda ‘s campaign against the Sunni tribal and insurgent leaders who oppose al Qaeda

Fallujah government center struck by chlorine suicide attack
Iraq Police, Army stop bomber short of target; dozens wounded, poisoned

Taliban, Pakistani security forces battle in Tank
Baitullah Mehsud’s Taliban mass; 25 Taliban, 1 security officer killed after school principal kidnapped

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  1. If you want to know why our system is worse than pure socialism, I think these two articles should pretty well sum it up: —————————– Boeing CEO Got Total Pay Valued At $19.4M For Past FY By Patricia Kowsmann Boeing Co. said Friday that Chairman, President and Chief Executive W. James McNerney Jr. received a total compensation valued at $19.4 million for the past year. In a proxy filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Chicago-based aerospace company said McNerney’s pay included stock awards valued at $8.7 million, option awards valued at $1.7 million and non-equity incentive plan compensation valued at $4 million. In addition, the CEO’s pay included $1.1 million under change in pension value and $2.1 million in all other compensation, including over use of aircraft and for a car and driver. For the year, McNerney received a salary of $1.8 million. The executive took over the positions at Boeing in 2005. He served as a non-employee director from 2001 through July 1, 2005. —————————– General Dynamics CEO Realizes $21.5M From Options Exercise By Gee L. Lee General Dynamics Corp. said Friday that Chairman and Chief Executive Nicholas D. Chabraja realized $21.5 million in value from the exercise of stock options to acquire 831,056 shares in 2006. Value realized generally is defined as the market value of the stock on the dates of exercise minus the applicable exercise price. It doesn’t necessarily indicate the stock was sold. Shares of the Falls Church, Va., defense contractor said recently traded at $78, up 58 cents. Also, General Dynamics said in a proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission that Chabraja received total compensation valued at $14.5 million for 2006. The company said Chabraja’s compensation included option awards valued at around $4.96 million, bonus of $3.2 million, a change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings valued at $2.88 million, stock awards valued at $1.71 million, and a salary of $1.3 million. ——————————– That Boeing jerk makes $77,600/day, and they don’t have a single major program that’s not billions over budget and years over schedule! Your tax dollars at work.