This is getting ridiculous

Michigan flirts with late January primary

Give Murdoc a freaking break.


  1. I’ll make a humble suggestion, one that would hopefully keep every state’s primary or caucus matter, and also give us, the voters, the type of longer candidate selection process which allows for a vetting of the candidates on criteria other than their ability to raise money. Coordinated primaries, five states at a time, every two weeks, for twenty weeks starting in Feb of the election year. To make sure the candidates aren’t already decided by the end, states vote in order of population, from smallest to largest. Yes, this would take from New Hampshire and Iowa their cherished roles as the first to vote, but tough cookies. It would also require the national parties to drag the state organizations into line, but I think it could be done. (Note that WA would still continue it’s odd system of having two separate primaries-one for President and one for other offices, due to peculiarities of state campaign finance law (candidates for state office can’t raise money until a certain number of days after the legislative session ends)).