October Sky

Small ImageI met Homer Hickam last night. Hickam is the author of October Sky, originally titled Rocket Boys. He spoke at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center in Grand Rapids. October Sky was the One Book, One County title for Kent County.

My wife also read The Coalwood Way by Hickam (he calls it “an equal, not a sequel”) and, of course, October Sky was made into an excellent film.

Hickam was great. One thing I didn’t know: He helped train the astronauts for the Hubble repair mission. When going through the autograph line, I told him he must have done a good job, because those folks did great work up there and that it was one of the high points of the Shuttle program.


  1. Shipmates, I stubled onto that movie by accident, and I have to tell you, I thought it was pretty darned good. Well acted, very believable storyline and characters. See it if you haven’t yet. Respects,