Walther P22

p22.jpgI’m looking to pick up a 22LR semi-auto pistol for backyard plinking. I like the look and feel of the Walther P22 but I’ve been told that it doesn’t like regular 22LR ammo and that you need high-power stuff to make it cycle reliably.

TonyRogers.com says the problems were because of the original magazines but that it’s since been straightened out.

Any opinions on the P22?

ruger_mkiii.jpgUPDATE: Okay, okay! The Ruger is back in the mix already!

I’m not a huge fan of the appearance (though the less-angled grip on the Mk III 22/45 isn’t so bad), but since I don’t really know squat about handguns I am willing to overlook that at this point if it’s the best .22 plinker for Murdoc.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to feedback from readers and friends, I’ve decided to go with a Ruger MkII.


  1. Oh, yeah. Kim is tops. My father in law and I are both getting 22 plinkers, and we both were looking at both the Buckmark and the Walther. He was leaning Buckmark and I was leaning P22, so we decided to get those so we could trade off.

  2. I went through a similar process a few years ago. I know you didn’t ask for other reccomendations, but ….. I settled on a Ruger 22/45, stainless, 6′ tapered barrel. It’s now my favorite plinker by far. It’s a sweet little unit, and tough as nails. I don’t recall having a jam in probably 2-3000 rounds. And I clean it every 4-5 boxes of ammo, (whether it needs it or not!) The fact that it kinda feels like a Colt 45 is just a nice bonus. I did shoot myself with it once, though, but that wasn’t the gun’s fault–.

  3. I had dismissed the Ruger earlier based mostly on looks, but a number of folks have suddenly recommended it to me. I will add it back into the mix.

  4. The main reason I went for the tapered barrel over the bull is because I thought it looked better. I think the stainless looks better than blued too, but I’d go that route for convenience even if I thought it was ugly. Ditto with the polymer grip. It’s so nice to not have to worry about rain, mud, blood, guts, or whatever–.

  5. I’ve owned two of the rugers…both functioned flawlessly, were quite accurate, and terribly resilient when subjected to my poor treatment of them. I’ve also owned one buck mark, and although it’s nice, I never did like it as much as I liked the rugers. My 2 pennies.

  6. If I were buying a .22 the Ruger would be my number one choice. Also consider the Beretta Neos? It’s a bit weird looking for my taste but I’ve heard good things about it- also has the advantage of being configured as a carbine too.

  7. Appearance-wise, I’ve never been a fan of chromed/stainless/silver-looking handguns except as showpieces or ceremonial sidearms. I know that a lot (most) folks love them. A buddy of mine said adding the right grips made all the difference. As I understand it, there are a lot of options available for swapping out grips and that it’s as easy as it gets. As for the particular pic of the Ruger I posted, I just grabbed one. But now that I think about it, I suspect that I subconsciously ‘just grabbed’ one that appealed to me.

  8. Don’t buy the P22. It’s not accurate due to its flimsy sights. The Ruger or the Buckmark are better choices. Of course if you really want to improve your markmanship and buy a quality handgun, get an older K22. For roughly the same money, you will get something that improves your trigger control and will appreciate in value.

  9. I bought my first pistol last year and went with a .22 revolver. Dan Wesson 6′ Heavy barrel. It’s a beast. My buddy suggested a bayonet would be suitable. I love it and it is great for working on my basics. Buddy has the Sig Mosquito & loved it. (Til it failed & had to be sent back. Early production issues with the safety, I believe). I had been thinking about the CZ .22 model, thinking I would buy a 9mm or .45 model later & would have similar manual of arms, etc. I of course then bought a 1911 .45, so that kind of threw out my initial logic. There are many .22 conversion kits for automatics, IF you’re thinking of getting any more pistols. Have any local ranges where you can rent and try out various models? (I hope MI is better in that regard than some IL ranges). Good luck on your choice & happy plinking!

  10. I had a Ruger(MK1) for a number of years, and a few thousand rounds. Some low-life crack-head stole it one night while I was taking the wife out to dinner. That was before we had a gun-safe. It was solid, simple, and flawless. Not one malfunction! Same grip-angle as my 1911, but much cheaper to shoot. Were I in a position to buy another plinker, it would be the MK-III. Good luck with your’ choice. Cheers! Chris