Comment on comments

Due to popular demand, I’ve removed the requirement for TypeKey registration to comment here on MO.

This is a temporary trial run which may be canceled at any time with no warning if problems resurface.

There is a simple captcha entry required below the comment form to publish.

I decided to try this again because the new host has been performing very well and I sure miss getting as much feedback as MO got before TypeKey registration became mandatory.

This has been live for about twenty minutes and already the spammers are hitting me, so we’ll see. I believe that the anti-spam plugin I’m using is up to the task of keeping them out, but we’ll see if I run into any issues with CPU usage at my host.

I know a number of readers were having constant problems with the TypeKey system, and Murdoc will admit that he’s not inclined to register at too many sites himself. So give this a try, let me know if you have any problems, and comment away.

FWIW, many of you are registered with TypeKey and I’d recommend staying signed in.


  1. As per your comments yes, TypeKey is crap, I hate using it. I’ve also switched over to FF since a couple a weeks ago when MS did some update to IE7 and broke it on a lot of blog sites. IE7 was the final straw that convinced me to stay with XP. MS can stuff vista as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Shipmates, I’ve got a typekey registration, but I don’t like it. I also refuse to update to Vista. Currently, I’m using IE6 and XP, but I am giving very serious consideration to dumping MS altogether and going over to the Mac side. If I had the choice, I’d love to be able to run GeoWorks. It was an incredibly easy and useful GUI system. I may still play around with it and see what I can do. In fact, I’ve got one system with DOS 6.2 installed, along with the early GeoWorks V2 that I use for games and such. Call me old-fashioned. Ah well. Respects,

  3. I’m switching to Mac as soon as I recover from replacing my well pump, which set me back a Mac Mini with 2gb ram and the plus sized hard drive. I hate signing into sites – although, over at Perfidy, we have a thing where, once you register, you can basically stay signed in forever, and never have to deal with the captcha thingy. Works for several of our frequent commenters. Registration is therefore optional, but improves things for those who do.

  4. About two hours back I had a 7 minute stretch where the same user tried to submit 595 comments which were all rejected by the plugin. For a three week period in February and March, I averaged over 300 rejected comments per hour every hour every day. If that’s what little ol’ Murdoc rates, I’d hate to see what the big boys have to deal with.

  5. Incidentally, I’ve been thinking about picking up a Mac. The expense is what’s been holding me back. Click on some ads or something so I can afford it. LOL.

  6. Murdoc, Yeah, it’s that money thing that’s currently holding me back as well. I live in Maine. I just paid off my oil bill… sigh.. I also have one in college and two more at home, plus had to reserve the rooms for next month’s millbloggers conference, and the airfare to boot. Oy vey.. This blogging thing ain’t cheap for us commenters, either 🙂 Respects,

  7. Murdoc, I just finished reading’Tales of a Tin Can’ Thanks for the heads up on this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  8. Damn you murdoc for blocking 595 of my 596 comments. Hey, Tim, I will look forward to meeting you at the conference. Happily, I live nearby and don’t need to spring for airfare and hotel. Maybe we can start a large argument about battleships, and blame it on Murdoc…

  9. Hehe you have my sympathy Murdoc. Paid the 5.4 K heating bill for my apartments last week (very cold February up here this year, wish I had Al up here so I could have attached his mouth to my primary heat exchanger). I’m seriously considering going to Mac also. Weighing it against the more limited software potential (especially in the games department on and offline) and the fact that the boyz and script kiddies will start hitting Macs if they ever get populare (Macs are only safe because they’re not a worthwhile target at the moment). I really think the world of computing was better when MSDos, AmigaDos, Warp OS2, Apple, AtariOS etc. etc. were competing. There was a lot more competition and innovation.

  10. For what it’s worth, I just installed Gnome on Linux (Gentoo) and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s similar to Windows Explorer, except more configurable and faster. Of course I have Firefox and Thunderbird, as well as a host of other handy applications like GIMP, OpenSSH, RDesktop, OpenOffice.. everything I need, anyway. For free. And it doesn’t magically explode if you prod it. On the other hand, Gentoo is not for newbies, but there probably is some Linux distribution that is. Anyway, my life is a lot less frustrated and miserable since I ditched Windows…