Ruger MkII Target

Okay. I’m not sure if this is good or not, but I’ve totally let feedback from readers and friends turn me 180 degrees from where I was just 24 hours ago.

I’ve gone with a Ruger MkII Target .22 pistol with a 6 3/4″ bull barrel:

The fact that I had heard so many good things about this combined with a pretty decent deal on a used one at the local gun shop made me go with it.

Took me a few tries to get the thing reassembled even after the seller went through it with me at the shop. The Ruger reassembly is a total pain if you don’t know how.

They had a 22/45 and a tapered barrel MkII available as well, but the heft of this one seemed good (and made the Walther P22 feel like a toy, even with a laser attached) and, surprisingly, I decided that I liked the over-angled Luger-like grip on this better than the straighter 22/45.

It came with both the basic black plastic and these smooth wood grips. Not sure if I like these, as I fear that my sweaty hands might not get a good hold. We’ll see.


  1. Sweet! The right gun for you is the one you enjoy shooting. Good luck and make some noise! Besides, if you absolutely hate it you can always sell it & recover most of your $$.

  2. Well, congratulations for at least buying SOMETHING! Thankfully, we live in society where you can easily sell it and buy something different if this one doesn’t meet your fancy. (Or you can be like me, where if it’s not exactly what you were looking for, you stick it in a safe and buy something else, until eventually you end up with dozens of guns–..) And I have to admit, based on that pic, it looks sweet!

  3. Sorry, I didn’t mean to duplicate Jaimo’s theme. I didn’t see his post before I got my comment to post. At least great minds think alike! And I’m ebarrased to admit how many times I had to hit ‘refresh’ until I figured out the challenge question thing….

  4. The Ruger Mk I/II/III series have stood the test of time. My dad had a Mk I. I’ve got a 22/45 (technically, it’s my wife’s), because we both love the 1911, and it feels almost identical when shooting. But if fits you, it’s the right pistol.

  5. Nice pistol. Looks… German. You need to wear one of those Nazi helmets while using it for the complete effect, I think. I love the new motto, you hamburger eating surrender monkey! 😉

  6. Why are .22 cal pistols the coolest looking? Most big caliber autos look the same these days.

  7. Another thing about the weight of the weapon: It feels good and solid and like it should shoot nicely. The P22’s light weight (far far lighter) would work against it in the accuracy department, I think, but if I were going to be wearing it all day I sure would prefer the P22’s compactness and lightness. Not that I’d recommend anyone use a .22 for self defense…

  8. Actually, if its all you can carry due to limitations of your wardrobe, a .22 in the hand is better than the .45 you had to leave at home…I would prefer a .22 mag personally, but after pleanty of close in head shots to varmints over the years, a .22 to the forhead works just fine to stop a fight.

  9. Picked up an older one that needs refinishing a few years back. Never have gotten around to refinishing; and it shoots so well I’m half afraid to change anything.