Quack Attack

Last Christmas, my kids received a wonderful, simply wonderful, card that quacks out “Jingle Bells”. Seriously. It quacks out “Jingle Bells”. To enhance the experience, it doesn’t stop after one verse. Or two. Or five.

It’s so merry that it makes you want to smash things.

Well, to celebrate today, my nine-year-old daughter rigged up a trip wire that sets off the Jingle Duck card. I noticed and avoided it the first time, but later she re-set it and I hit it while talking on the phone. Ingenious, really.

I told her to use her powers for good and not for evil.

Note to self: Do not simply bypass this sort of thing. Mark it and call in EOD.

UPDATE: Here’s the Jingle Duck improvised audio device. It’s probably a violation of some convention or another.


  1. Sounds like it’s sample-based, not synthesized. While it’s a sound that could easily be synthesized, I guess they couldn’t be bothered making a custom IC, just took an off-the-shelf one and stuck the quack sound in it.