File this under “You don’t say!”

2 Guys in Poznan (Poland) posts about a local roadwork stoppage due to our friends at Greenpeace. Get a load of the newspaper article they link to:

ROSPUDA VALLEY, Poland (Reuters) – Scores of young activists camped in a remote peat bog in the northeast of Poland last month and threatened to chain themselves to trees to stop bulldozers clearing land for a highway.

That kind of civil disobedience was forbidden under communism. It was also unnecessary: by the 1980s infrastructure projects had ground to a halt.

Gotta admit that’s pretty funny.

They also note that many agree that Poland probably needs to expand its 356-mile network of highways.

356-mile? Does 356 miles even qualify as a “network”?

They also point out that the EU is now getting involved. EU vs. Greenpeace? Who woulda thunk it?

UPDATE: Whoops. Ought to read the links kindly provided for my use. The EU (well, the European Commission) is siding with Greenpeace on this.


  1. Poor Poland. They used to have Communists ruining their economic progress.. now they have EcoCommunists ruining their economic progress. Some people have all the bad luck.

  2. Where do you think the Commies went after the USSR fell apart? They found a nice, fresh set of buracracys (especially in Europe) infected them, and got the EU up and running. Commies are still there, just using different labels. Liberal Democrat seems to be a popular one over here.