Nimitz leaves for Persian Gulf

The USS Nimitz (CVN 68) set sail for the Persian Gulf area with her strike group today. The Eisenhower and Stennis are currently in the area, though the Nimitz is scheduled to relieve the Ike.


  1. Murdoc, here’s a thought for future posts about the ‘Persian’ Gulf. I think you should refer to it as either The Gulf or The Arabian Gulf. The latter especially annoys the Iranians who are still reeling from the movie ‘300’. There is a nice little write up at Wikipedia, Also, some upset Iranians registered the domain If you google for ‘Arabian Gulf’ this is the first link. It is designed to make sure you continue to call it Persian Gulf. If you guys already knew about this, sorry. But I just got a kick out of it and thought I would share it with you.

  2. Spacey: My unofficial rule of thum is to use ‘Persian Gulf’ when the source material (a newspaper article, in this case) uses it and to use ‘Arabian Gulf’ when that’s used by the source. Most DoD releases use Arabian Gulf. I also sometimes slip up and do it the other way around. I find it amusing how some folks get all worked up over it.