April Fools working for the TSA

Though Murdoc supports increased security at airports and elsewhere, that doesn’t mean that he likes increased security. He’d like to just walk onto his plane. But that just isn’t a realistic possibility these days thanks to the bad guys.

However, this sort of crap is totally out of line.

Those idiots and their supervisors should be immediately fired. Charges should be brought if warranted. If the law doesn’t support this course of action, change the law immediately, and while you’re at it spell it out clearly and ratchet up the penalties significantly.

No joke.


  1. But Murdoc, our beloved People’s Democratic leaders want to unionize the TSA so nobady will ever have to worry about being fired again. The fact that were Canadians does make it pretty funny.

  2. Wow, they should be praying that getting fired is all that’s coming to them. How can you put together a GROUP of TSA employees and not a SINGLE ONE of them had the judgement to keep this from happening?