Everyone’s favorite new destroyer

Stormy Seas for Stealth Destroyer

Danger Room notes that the DD(X), now known as the DDG-1000 Zumwalt class, may have more in common with submarines than its general appearance. It may actually go underwater:

Its unconventional, almost inverse-shaped “tumblehome” hull slices through water, leaving almost no wake.

But those same innovations have made the destroyer unstable, according to eight current and former officers, naval engineers and architects and naval analysts interviewed by Defense News. “Given just the right conditions, some say, it could even roll over.”

Talk about stealth. And, by going turtle, you eliminate all those electronic emissions which spoil the stealthy design anyway.

The ultimate “That’s not a bug…it’s a feature!”

New weapons programs, particularly expensive ones, always have their detractors. But this whole concept, which has more or less torpedoed most of the rest of the Navy as far as new ships are concerned, seems to be getting worse every time it registers on the radar.

Go read. And be prepared to be sick.


  1. Ill step out on a limb – The DD(X) will never be built. Though we will pay about 4 -6 billion dollars on this rat hole. Hopefully once this current crop of admarials get paid off /retired we will get someone who knows what he is doinng.