Freedom isn’t free…Will that be cash or credit?

Tacoma wants payback for costs of policing anti-war protests:

Tacoma authorities say providing law enforcement during last month’s 12-day anti-war protests cost the city about $500,000, and the city plans to ask the Port of Tacoma and the military to cover some of the costs.

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UPDATE: Better news from the state of Washington: Medal of Honor Memorial Project at the University of Washington.

In April, 2006 the Student Senate of the ASUW passed a resolution calling for a memorial to commemorate UW alumni who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. In October, 2006 a taskforce was formed in order to bring this project to fruition-to build a memorial on the Seattle campus to honor these brave UW alumni.

We ask you to join us in celebrating these heroes by making a gift in support of the Medal of Honor Memorial Project.

Among the seven are “Pappy” Boyington and this guy:

Forced to leave the UW because of the internment of Japanese Americans in 1942, William Kenzo Nakamura enlisted in the famous 442nd Regiment Combat Team, the most decorated military unit in U.S. history. He died in Italy on the Fourth of July, 1944, while providing cover for his pinned-down platoon. He attended the UW in the early 1940s.

You can make a donation here if interested.