Third of five ‘surged’ brigades entering the action

3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) arrives in theater

3BCT-3ID.jpgMulti-National Corps — Iraq PAO:

BAGHDAD — Multi-National Corps-Iraq welcomed a third U.S. brigade this week to assist the Iraqi Security Forces in support of Fardh Al-Qanoon. The brigade from Ft. Benning, Ga., will assist Iraqi Security Forces in reducing violence and protecting Iraqi citizens. This Brigade will complete arrival in Baghdad by April 8.

This means that the “surge” is just reaching 60% of it’s initially-projected size. How about we give them a day or two at over half-strength before deciding that it’s already failed?

The next brigade to arrive will be the Strykers of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division who managed to somehow get past the protesters in Tacoma last month. They should begin arriving in the area (probably Kuwait) within the next week but it will be a bit before they enter the fight.


  1. 4-2 SBCT closes up in Kuwait 15 Apr. 2-3 IBCT closes up in Kuwait 15 May. That is according to CJCS at his last brief. 3CAB arrives in Jun according to MG Lynch (3ID/MND-C). Put that together with the new IA combat formations fully manned by end-July. If we get the 33,000 new support troops funded (FY07sup) to go with that, then the IA will be much tougher and more independent (~13,000 IA support troops ATT). MNSTC-I’s equip budget is broke ATT. Some of the IA/US force is going to augment Diyala according to Iraqi MoD. Probably a Bde from each. Judging from activity, the fight has already moved into the ‘outer-belts’.