‘I love my Army. But this is a plain bone head move.’

JawBreaker 2 Delta weighs in on the piston vs. direct gas issue: Ok, here’s my first rant.


  1. It breaks my heart to watch our guys go into battle with crap that wasn’t worth a damn 30 years ago, while back at home our politicians play politics and our defense contractors continue to milk the taxpayer in a for profit game that gets our soldiers killed. It makes me wonder if there are any Americans left in this country.

  2. The best is the enemy of the good. Why is it so hard to spend some money now for something better than we have, be it the XM-8, or the upgrade in the link above, or anything that is an improvement, even if it isn’t verifiably the best gun every known to mankind for this mission. It doesn’t have to be. Small arms are cheap. We are fighting a war in which small arms are the primary weapon used by our side. We know for a fact that there ar off the shelf alternatives that are better than the M-4 and M-16. If we find something better than the new toy, we can get it too in three or four years when we aren’t busy fighting a war.